Friends of The EggMen

The Eggmen would not exist... 

The Eggmen would not exist if not for the efforts and artistry of black Americans. 

Our focus is on entertainment, simple fun, and sharing our love of music and dancing. 

We wouldn’t be doing what we do if black Americans hadn’t persevered in the face of and in spite of the most powerfully malignant forces arrayed against them. 

Let each of us do what we must to create a better America, free of systematic oppression; one in which everyone’s talents and energies can flourish in greater freedom and self-expression.

~John Kovach

Diana Burgess has a new CD! 

To check out Diana Burgess's new CD on Bandcamp click here!

Here's what she has to say about the CD dropping in June:

"I am so excited to share the cover art for my debut solo album, You Run, out June 19th! 
Carly Dennis brought this project to life- I am so lucky to have such a talented friend! We worked together for over a year on the visual concepts for the album, most of that from different sides of the world (she’s currently based in Sydney, Australia!) We’ve been friends for 27 years, and in that time Carly has grown into the most thoughtful, imaginative and skilled artist. Follow her at Charlotte Dennis Art (@charlottedennis_art on Instagram) -she does commissions! 
#albumart #soloalbum #poisonousplants #poppies #wolfsbane #belladonna #botanicalillustration"

David Fore has a new CD!  

David Fore, our illustrious drummer, also has a new CD out! To check it out or purchase it, click here!

Here's a bio/review of the CD:

"Although drumming is his madness, Dave has always also played the guitar. But he didn’t get really serious about making music on six strings until 2017, when the muses unexpectedly chose to shine their lights on him, and ten songs mysteriously appeared in his previously drum-centric brain. Seriously. These songs just showed up. What songwriter wouldn’t love that?

~Rich Upton"