From Davy on Friday September 4th:

The last week or so, I'be been exploring the intricacies of streaming live video and audio of The EggMen. The actual number of mouse clicks to get live video up and streaming is very small. The challenge is make the video look and sound good enough to represent the band properly.  As usual, I jumped into the project without a lot of research, or even talking to anyone who has successfully live streamed. I test streamed through YouTube, easy peasy. But when I played the video of the stream back (YouTube records it for you so you can see how it looks) the audio was lousy. Same results with other streaming software like Stream Yard.   So I hooked up my audio interface, ran some good mics into it, and the interface sounded great in my headphones. But when I streamed using the interface, same lousy audio! What? So I finally started looking at OBS streaming software, which is  where I should have started, as  it's an industry standard. Other streaming software just builds on top of it.  Watching tutorials on OBS, you can choose the sound source for your stream. That makes me think that even though I had my interface hooked up, my laptop was still using my inferior internal sound card as my audio source. So I'm  on to more OBS knowledge. Any streaming pros out there that want to chime in, write me at 

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Diana Burgess